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The Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment de-frizzes your hair rather than completely straightening it. It produces spectacular results - the hair is shiny, sleek and healthy.

When it comes to relaxing hair, the Brazilian keratin straightening system is becoming more and more popular. Everyone wants it for weddings, holidays, both young and mature people. The Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment is ideal for those with tumbleweed hair. It eliminates frizz and fluffiness while giving hair added texture and control. It cuts down on your styling time too. The treatment can be used on the majority of hair types, even chemically treated hair, colour treated hair, relaxed hair and on highlighted hair, without causing damage.

The treatment takes approx. 2 hours; using a straightening iron, a solution made with active keratin is sealed onto the outer layer of the hair cuticle. It sticks to the cuticles naturally rough edges. In this way, the formula locks in moisture, hydrating the hair, and adds a glossy finish. No more bad hair days!!


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